[![](http://i1.wp.com/res.cloudinary.com/marozzo/image/upload/h_144,w_300/v1468449811/group_linkoping_2010-e1269437567238_zlv2lw.jpg?resize=300%2C143 "Linköping group")](http://i0.wp.com/www.marozzo.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/group_linkoping_2010-e1269437567238.jpg)Aleksander, Niklas, me, Håkan, Gunnar, Henrik and Tobias
Last weekend I was invited to teach a dagger, wrestling and longsword seminar in Linköping, Sweden. I enjoyed enormously getting together with Håkan, Gunnar, Henrik and all the others from [Rost](http://www.rostsword.org/) (although Gunnar now resides in Borås and is starting his own group down there).

Our training group was small but with good energy! Well done to the abovementioned, and also to Tobias, Niklas and Aleksander who all did a good job!

I’m looking forward to more training with the Rost people in the future, and though things have been a bit silent since I last visited Rost I’m sure the training will pick up more speed!

Special tack for Tobias for capturing some of the seminar on film. Here are a few video clips from the training!
(Don’t like Vimeo? Watch on Youtube instead!)